Shower Chairs for Disabled Persons – How To Decide Which One You Need

Shower Chairs for the Disabled

adjustable shower chairs for disabledSome chairs for the disabled come with adjustable legs, back, and arms.  The chair can be adjusted to multiple positions for personalized comfort.  Adjustable shower chairs for disabled persons can come with straps for extra security and safety.  This type of chair is a big help for caregivers taking care of persons with severe disabilities.

Many shower chairs can be folded and packed away.  They are compact and lightweight when packed, making them ideal for traveling or when visiting in someone’s home for an extended stay.

rolling shower chairs for disabledRolling Shower Chairs For Disabled Persons

A chair with rollers or wheels on the bottom of the legs is a popular choice for wheelchair-bound disabled persons.  These chairs are often designed with backs and arms.  Rolling chairs are made of strong, rust-proof material.  The padding on the shower chair is water resistant.

Rolling chairs are designed to roll straight into the shower area without requiring the disabled person to transfer to another chair.  The chair can be rolled into the correct position and the brakes are set to keep the chair stable while showering.

These types of chairs for the shower are ideal for use in showers for disabled people.  These handicapped-friendly showers have a level floor so a disabled person does not have to transfer from a wheelchair to a shower chair.

Some rolling shower chairs for disabled are also designed to be rolled over most commodes.  This allows people with serious disabilities to enjoy some privacy in the bathroom with a rolling chair specially designed for bathroom use.

Shower Chairs For Disabled Persons – Why Are They Important?

For disabled or elderly people with mobility or balance difficulties, taking a bath or a shower can be a real challenge.  While bathing and showering are ordinary activities for normal people, they can be risky and difficult for handicapped or disabled persons.

Elderly people can also find it difficult to get in and out of the tub.  Under these circumstances, shower chairs for disabled and elderly persons are very beneficial.

Here are some of the benefits disabled and elderly people can enjoy when using a shower chair:

• Safety – This is the biggest benefit offered by shower chairs for the disabled.  With this type of chair, you can sit down and have a nice, long shower without worrying that you might slip and fall.  Even caregivers feel more confident and secure when they have a chair for shower to help the person they are caring for.

• Relaxation – Bathing or showering should be a relaxing experience.  You cannot relax if you are constantly watching out to avoid falling or slipping.  This type of chair will allow a disabled person to relax and enjoy a warm bath or shower.  Strategically installed hand grips will help a disabled person transfer easily from a wheelchair to a shower chair.

• Dignity – Those with disabilities having feelings too and ought to be treated the same as any other person. Shower chairs for disabled will help the  elderly use the bathroom with dignity, ease, and comfort.

Shower Chairs For Disabled

Shower Chairs for Disabled and Elderly Persons

shower chairs for disabledWhether or not you are disabled or elderly, the bathroom can be one of the most accident-prone areas in the home.  Tiles can become slippery when wet, posing a hazard for anyone.  The situation becomes worse for the disabled or elderly, and taking a shower can be a real challenge.

If you are living with someone who is elderly, disabled, or injured, having shower chairs for disabled persons can be a big help. These chairs can be used inside shower areas or bathtubs.  These special chairs for the shower are designed for people who are wheelchair-bound or find it difficult to stand even for short periods of time.

Shower chairs for disabled persons give a sense of security when they are in the shower.

Disabled or elderly people can feel helpless in the bathroom, afraid of slipping or losing their balance.  They have to be extra careful with their every move to avoid accidents while showering or bathing.  Chairs for the shower can give them the security and comfort that they are looking for.

Even disabled or elderly people with companions or caregivers can benefit from using shower chairs for disabled persons.  These chairs can also be a big help for someone caring for a disabled person.

It can be difficult and dangerous to bath a disabled person in a wet and slippery environment like a bath tub or shower cubicle.  Shower chairs for disabled persons can make the task safer and easier for everyone.

Types of Shower Chairs for the Disabled

To accommodate different types of disabilities, there are several types of chairs designed to cater to the needs of the handicapped and elderly.  Here are the most common types of shower chairs that can provide security and safety to disabled and elderly individuals.

Mounted or Fold-up Seats

shower chairs for disabled mountedThis type of shower chair is ideal for people who are not severely disabled.  A fold-up chair can be mounted on the wall of the shower area.  This simple chair can be used by someone on crutches or a wheelchair.  The chair can also be folded down while in use, and folded away when no longer in use.  Older people may also find this type of chair useful.

Stationary or Free-standing

shower chairs for disabled tubThere are different designs of stationary shower chairs for disabled and elderly persons.  For the most part, they are designed to fit easily into a bath tub or shower cubicle.

Shower chairs for disabled persons are usually made from plastic and come with strong metal legs.  They are easy to clean, comfortable, and rustproof.  Teak wood is also used extensively in these types of chairs made especially for those with limited abilities.  Teak, like plastic, is durable and not easily affected by water.

The base of each chair leg is usually fitted with rubber suction cups.  This prevents the shower chair from sliding inside the tub or shower.  In most cases, the shower chair legs can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and heights of disabled persons.

Is A Shower Chair With Wheels Dangerous?

Is A Shower Chair With Wheels Dangerous?

shower chairs with wheelsShower chairs are special kinds of chairs designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable bath time. These chairs are used mostly for the injured, elderly, and the mobility-challenged. There are many types of shower chairs, and each of these styles has a unique purpose to accomplish.

For instance, if you are looking for a shower chair with a reliable and strong support system, a recommended choice for you is a chair with a back support and sturdy armrests. Some of these chairs are folded, so if you live in a cramped space, a folding chair can be a good idea.

Aside from those styles, one design that dealers almost always have is a wheeled shower chair. Wheeled chairs are often the choice of caregivers whose patients have difficulty walking or moving from one place to another. With a wheeled shower chair, the patient can be easily be lifted in and out of the chair, and can be conveniently transported from the bathroom to another room.

But as much as wheeled shower chairs have advantages over other designs, we cannot discount the fact that they can also pose some risks and dangers.

How is a shower chair with wheels dangerous?

For one, these chairs do not always have a reliable stop or brake system. The brakes should make the chair immovable or stable in place, but some can easily come off, which leads to accidents and injuries.dangers of shower chair with wheels

It is also best that a patient must not be left alone especially in a wheeled shower chair. Because of the wheels, the chair can move freely, so the chair in itself does not give a sturdy support should the patient wish to stand or move his body up a little.

Also, most of the parts of wheeled shower chairs are metal, which with their hard surface, can hurt the patient. In addition, though the foot rest serves a good purpose, it can sometimes be the cause of tripping, which results to injury and other accidents.

That said, before you settle for a wheeled shower chair, it is imperative to decide whether or not your patient really needs one. And if he does need one, here are some things to of shower chairs with wheels

  • First, make sure that the chair has an efficient lock or brake system. Test also if the wheels can generate enough friction so they will not easily slide on bathroom floors and tub surfaces.
  • Second, decide whether the foot rest is necessary. If not, there are always wheeled bath chairs that do not come with this part.
  • Next, check if the seat is properly padded and that all the parts that come in contact with the skin are covered with soft materials. Also, check for presence of sharp edges and other imperfections which can potentially hurt your patient.
  • Last, double check all the connections and make sure that the whole chair is stable enough. You do not want any loose hinges and gears that may cause instability, and thus injury, to the patient.